We believe that we can create a more just and joyful tomorrow.


Build the world’s most effective decentralized social impact network.

It is overwhelmingly clear that one organization can’t do it all. The problems are too varied and contexts too specific.

But imagine if we could create a network of networks that made it easier for data, insights, and support to go to places where they need it the most.

Imagine if we could blur the lines between grant maker and grantee, for-profit and non-profit, and headquarters and field office.

Imagine how much more effective and efficient we could be if we learned at the pace of networks, not siloed organizations.

This is what we’re building at Future Foundation.


We believe that we can create a more just and joyful world through design, technology, and community.

In our heart of hearts, we are optimists. We have faith in our radical creativty, ingenuity, and compassion.

Our daily lives are marked by the design choices of our past, and the choices we make today will echo long after we're gone. That means that we have the possibility to create new systems that work for everyone, and the responsibility to try our best.

We believe that progress is possible, but not inevitable.

History has shown that we can do extraordinary things. But these things don't happen by themselves. These things happen because people dedicated their time, talent, and treasure.

We believe that new technologies and behaviors emerging from web3 create new possibilities for creativity, coordination, and ownership.

The emergent web3 space hints at new possibilites for coordination at scales we haven't seen before. And if you squint beyond the cartoons, you see new economic and organizational systems being designed, tested, and iterated.

Web3 is open, global, and composable by default. These principles, combined with an ethos of abundance, optimism, and playfulness, have the potential to unlock a Cambrian-level of innovation that is desperately needed in the social impact space.

We believe that we need action at both local and global levels if we are to redesign our systems so that they benefit everyone.

We talk a lot about systems and systems change in the social impact space. But we also know the need to address the most proximate, most immediate challenges of our time. When you see someone who needs shelter, you don't complain about the system while walking away. You help that person get shelter. This is not an either or issue, but an and.

Change doesn't happen neatly according to plan, and it has a squirrely tendency to wander away from any type of straight line. We must create fertile grounds, plant seeds, and cultivate new possibilities. We need more solarpunk gardeners.

We believe that without a clear intention, the world's most vulnerable populations will be the last to benefit from the promise of web3 and the broader digital economy.

The digital divide is real and has real consequences. The latest reports tell us that billions lack meaningful access to the internet.

If we believe that talent is universal, but opportunity is not, imagine what we could do if we could unlock talent at a global scale.


We support web3 x social impact organizations and the broader ecosystem

We created Future Foundation to create a home for the nascent web3 x social impact community. Since then, we’ve seen firsthand the magic that can happen when brilliant, creative, hardworking, and kind people come together.

Learn more about how we are helping social impact organizations and the broader web3 x social impact ecosystem.


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